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Web design services is not only coding but also about art. Normally, customers just think that web design is about programming. That’s true but not enough. The good web service includes user experience. This is the combination of interface and user behavior.

Why web design services include user behavior?

Actually, people call it as user experience. Because the web design service must understand how user react with the website. According to “Don’t make me thing”, the book about web design, the author emphasize that a good website is a clear website. It means that users do not think or find how to use it. They can easily find what they need. For example, customer want to buy a product such as washing machine. If they put the washing machine in electronic category so user will hard to find it. However, if they put it in Electric Appliances category so it will easier.

Besides, user can easy use the website by the navigation. They know where they are on the website. The menu with the login organization will help user to use it smoothly. Thus, the web design service will calculate how the best way people do with the website.

Why web design services is an art?

Web design is also about interface. It implies picture, sound, animation and much more. The good images will make user want to action on the website. The animation will help user have good visual. From that, the user can be called to action with the website. Besides, the web designer must understand the style of their client. They have to combine the ideas from client and the website code. The client’s style shows the characteristics of each person. Thus, web designer mix their code and style to become one to satisfy their client.

How to choose a professional web design services?

There are hundred agencies or web services out there. Thus, choosing the right one is not easy. You can find some suppliers with very cheap price. It is only 500,000 VND with promising a full functions. Realistically, it is all fakes. They just invite you to treat and then they will have a lot fees after that. Therefore, you should not consider these element before choosing the right one.

First, you should know what you want. You want a professional website or just a simple website. A website like amazon or ebay cannot have a cheap price. Otherwise, a website just shows information of business should be cheaper. However, it also depends on the function of the website.

Second, you should have a right budget. This is an affordable budget. You cannot have a good website with a cheap price. It is just about affordable. Thus, you should predict all the situation if you want many special functions.

Third, you should have a clear idea. Some clients just show the general idea without any picture or chart. This thing will make web designer confuses and hard to do the right visual.

Four, the process to build a website is planned. This means the web design service must have a professional plan, checklist and timeline.

Five, support after building is also an add on. Some agencies do not want to support after building because they cannot have money. The professional always have a good support after sale.

To sum up, the professional agency is always have a good plan to help customer have a good website. The Circle Plus Vietnam is proud of web design service in Vietnam. We will plan for you from A to Z with professional plan. Besides, we also have office in USA. To contact with us, you can call by this number  (+84) 817 06 00 66.