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The video production is a hot field in recent years. It includes many kind of videos such as TVC, 3D, video clip, animation and testimonial video. However, to choose a right agency to produce video with a affordable price is not easy. Thus, customers need to consider some elements before choosing an video production agency.

What kind of your video production?

TVC is most common. This video is for TV broadcast. Thus, this kind video is very expensive. This video is use to boost brand and sale very effective. To produce it, agency must have a professional team. Sometimes, they also have foreigner team to support. Beside, this video is for TV so the frequency to broadcast must high. Thus, the price for this kind of video is higher than others.

Video marketing is the second one. This kind is cheaper than TVC. It usually is on Youtube or online channels. This kind of video is often combine with KOL (Influencer) to improve effect. The key of this kind is content. The content mus persuade audience because it should not more than 3 minutes. The perfect is about 30 second to one minute.

3D animation is another common video. It includes 3D architect in construction and 3D digital animation. The 3D architect is often use for real estate. This will help customer gain their experience with a good visual for them. In contrast, 3D digital animation is quite different. It is often use for commercial or marketing.

Testimonial clip is also a common one. Actually, it is a one of video marketing. However, it shows the success stories from customers. It is more realistic than normal video marketing. It is something like real TV show. Thus, it makes more emotional to audience. It is usually used to make “call-to-action” for new customers.

In brief, there are many kind of video so you to know what you need before choosing the right agency.

How to choose video production agency?

Reputation is the first criteria people look for most. Normally, the big companies will have a good production team. However, the truth is not like that. They are outsourcing mostly. Thus, you should consider your taste before design. For example, you can consider their attitude and their style which is suitable for you or not? Video is an art so you cannot look at it on a paper.

Price is the common second one. Of course, small team is cheaper but it is not about quality. You can have a small team with affordable price and high quality.

Portfolio is another thing to consider. More project which they have done is more experience to deal with problems. Besides, you can check the style which is suitable for you or not.

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To sum up, you should consider very carefully before choosing the right agency. Circle Plus Vietnam is proud of video production agency with professional team. You can contact us via email or website We also have an office in USA if you are from America.