Clip animation is one of hottest career Vietnam

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Clip animation is one of hottest career Vietnam, especially for youth. This come from video production but it is more likely drawing and imagination. Besides, it is related with advertising. Thus, this is one of the jobs which young people can earn a lot of money.

What is clip animation?

Animation can be seemed as cartoon and graphic. Besides, the innovation of 3D is also made this area more realistic. The clip animation is of kind of animation but it is more likely for advertising. The clip usually is short so it is suitable to show a brief ideas. We can see this kind on TV ads, Frame ads or in Cinema. Besides, animation is suitable for everyone including adult and children. Thus, clip animation is the best choice for digital advertising.

Why is this job so hot?

As the mention, youth people like to be creative with graphic. With animaiton, they can feel free to express their ideas without limit. For example, we must find an suitable actor for a role in film. However, they can draw or design a character in animation. They can design whatever they want it to be.

Moreover, the animation is extremely good for ads area. They do not limit the age and also ideas. You can have how much crazy you are. Ads area is always needed for company development. Thus, many companies expend hundred dollars to advertising. Therefore, the good idea animation can be worth thousand dollars. By the way, the time working for this job is free. You can work everywhere and anytime.

Furthermore, the future of this job is unlimited. The ads industry always develop significant in recent time. Therefore, this field is really potential right now and even the future.


Does price of clip animation cheaper than video production?

Actually, it depends on many element. A clip animationA�which is needed script like video production. Besides, they must draw everything instead of real scene. However, you should not worry because an animator will save much time with computer technology. The hardest thing is only about script. That is the one you will invest a lot of money.

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